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“Everyone deserves good health and happiness. My goal is to help people achieve both.”

For Life

“The most comprehensive fitness
and nutrition company in the UK”

Athletic Fitness & Nutrition was set up by Paul Burgess with the purpose of being able to deliver the highest specification, most cutting edge nutrition advice.

Understanding that everyone is individual and reacts differently to nutrition is what seperates us from the competition.

Our nutrition facility allows us to test over 43,000 elements within the body giving us the most accurate results and therefore the most bespoke solutions to each individuals needs.

We have specialists in a huge range of fields within the health and fitness industry including osteopaths, tri-athletes, ex-military rehabilitation consultants, globally recognised bio-energetics and bio-resonance practitioners, anti-ageing specialists, authors of several industry recognised training courses and many more.

We believe that no matter what level of health and fitness you may be at or what your goals may be; to lose a few pounds in weight or to enter professional sporting competitions, we are able to create your nutrition or training plan in the most effective way. This is why some of industry professionals have called us, ‘the most comprehensive fitness and nutrition company in the UK’.


Nutrition &
Blood Testing

The most advanced nutritional testing in the UK. We can find out what works for your body and what doesn't.
No more guess work.

Blood Testing
Intolerance Testing
DNA Testing
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Get a personalized workout and nutrition program that we'll monitor together and ensure you reach your goals.

Flexible workouts that fit your schedule
Weekly progress tracking
Personalised nutirtion plan



“Paul has been a great inspiration and changed my life in so many ways ! His knowledge on nutrition has enabled me to change not only my own eating habits for a healthy way of life but has also changed the way my children see food and how we approach food as a family, we enjoy and eat a fantastic healthy diet. The benefits its given have been remarkable, my children are far more focused in their day and now have a healthy attitude in their ever day lives. Paul’s perseverance is second to none and I couldn’t be happier with the results I have achieved from being slimmer and healthier, again so thankful for how its changed us a family.”

Jane Simpson