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Athletic Fitness & Nutrition

Athletic Fitness & Nutrition was set up by Paul Burgess with the purpose of being able to deliver the highest specification, most cutting edge physical training techniques and nutrition advice.

Understanding that everyone is individual and reacts differently to exercise and nutrition is what seperates us from the competition. Our nutrition facility allows us to test over 43,000 elements within the body giving us the most accurate results and therefore the most bespoke solutions to each individuals needs.

We have specialists in a huge range of fields within the health and fitness industry icluding osteopaths, tri-athletes, ex-military rehabilitation consultants, globally recognised bio-energetics and bio-resonance practitioners, anti-ageing specialists, authors of several industry recognised training courses and many many more.

We believe that no matter what level of fitness you may be at or what your goals may be; to lose a few pounds in weight or to enter professional sporting competitions, we are more than able to create your nutrition or training plan in the most effective way. This is why some of industry professionals have called us, ‘the most comprehensive fitness and nutrition company in the UK’.

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Paul Burgess
SAC Dip (CN) SAC Dip (PFT) SAC Dip (AnAg)

About Paul Burgess

Paul is a lifelong drug free fitness enthusiast whose passion for health and fitness has taken priority since his mid teens. Attracted by the pictures he used to see in the bodybuilding magazines at the age of 15 he joined a gym and started a 30 year love / hate affair with the reps and sets!

In his early 30’s he trained in MMA before it had become popular in the UK becoming a highly respected competitor and teacher to aspiring title contenders.

In his mid 30’s he decided to turn his passion for fitness into his full time career and became a nutritionist and personal trainer gaining Diploma’s in Clinical Nutrition, Personal Training and Anti Ageing.

As his knowledge for nutrition and training increased, a real passion developed for learning more and more about what really makes the difference when using nutrition and exercise to affect body composition. Every book read, video watched and seminar attended was used to make him the teacher he is today.

His motivation is to be the best he can be for his age and to show clients that being over 50 is no reason not to be fit, healthy and look good!

Currently Paul is studying the link between hormones and body composition along with food intolerances and blood markers. Using these highly advance techniques, as well as years of experience, he is able to produce really outstanding results for clients.