Nutrition & Blood Testing


Nutrition plans are usually a time consuming and detail focussed process. Over the years it has become apparent that you can have the most detailed plan written for you that gives you ‘the ultimate diet’ but if it is too complicated then people tend not to be able to follow it.

Nutrition plans restricted in food groups, requiring all the foods to be weighed and measured, calories counted, have been the norm for decades yet we still have obesity and all its related diseases at epidemic proportions. If you don’t follow the plan then you’ll never get the benefits.

We educate clients to eat the right foods with no weighing, no measuring, no calorie counting by following a nutrient dense lifestyle that is simple and easy to follow. Eat amazing food, be able to eat out, feel amazing and stay lean and healthy for life, that's what we do.

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Blood Testing

Blood Test

When looking into a clients current state of health, nothing gives us a clearer picture than the blood.

Using a range of markers that show us how the body is functioning, we can determine which areas need to be addressed as a priority to assist in getting clients to an optimal state of health in the quickest time possible.

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Intolerance Test

We use the MRT test with a reliability of 93.5%. It's the gold standard for any accurate intolerance test.

We look at a 3 month reaction of foods in the blood allowing us to determine which should be excluded and included into your diet.

Once reactive foods are removed we find a remarkable improvement in many aspects of a clients physiology such as better sleep, digestion, energy, cognitive function, less bloating and potential weight loss.

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Organig Acid Test

The Organic Acid Test Panel examines metabolites found in urine that are products of body metabolism and of gut microbes.

It can reveal imbalances in metabolic pathways, nutritional imbalances, as well as abnormal microbial overgrowth in the small and large intestines.

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DNA Test

DNA testing for a truly bespoke exercise and nutrition plan, only you have your DNA so why follow a diet that everyone else does?

We are now able to unlock your genetic code and develop a diet and program specific to you and your goals.

All the guesswork is taken out so you can be sure that your time and effort is not wasted, either in the kitchen or in the gym.

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